Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of conditions. It may be related to the weakening of soft tissue around the muscle or tendons (attaches muscle to bone).


A complete tear in the tendon almost always requires surgery. However, rotator cuff-partial tears can be treated using alternative measures. Traditional treatments for rotator cuff tears involve medication, inflammation, cortisone, and physical therapy. However, regenerative medicine is now being used as treatment for partial tears to the rotator cuff. These treatments do not replace traditional methods as they are merely another development in the treatment of certain injuries. Over the past few years, these methods have successfully proven that regenerative medicine helps.


Levator scapulae tendinosis is a chronic injury to the tendons attaching the levator scapulae muscle to the neck bones that have never healed properly. Healing of the tendon is usually slow and it may never regain its original strength because of continual damage from everyday activities and poor blood supply. However with regenerative medicine, repairing an injured tendon and reducing the pain may be possible. With technology such as stem cell treatment and platelet rich plasma treatment, the body will be able to promote its self-healing ability to regenerate and repair damage tendons.


Athletes who fall on their shoulders or outstretched arm often injure the AC joint, which is located where the shoulder blade and collarbone meet. The condition can also result from repetitive movements that place strain on the joint. Athletes with AC joint injuries tend to experience severe pain, stiffness and reduce range of motion. An injured or worn-out joint will not get better on its


Also known as Frozen Shoulder, adhesive capsulitis is a condition where the shoulder capsule becomes stiff and tight. Symptoms also involve pain and gradually get worse over time and then resolve usually within one or two years.


Shoulder Impingement syndrome can result due to the bones of the joint compressing on the tendons or bursa. Symptoms usually involve pain in everyday activities especially reaching overhead and behind the back. This impingement can also lead to inflammation of the bursa or tendons.


Tendinosis is the degeneration of the tendon’s collagen in response to chronic use. There are a variety of treatment options available. The most effective treatments are orthopedic and regenerative medicine treatments. While the body may be able to repair on its own, most people require further rehabilitative treatments to assist the body to completely heal. The innovating stem cell treatments involve physicians to extract stem cells from the patient’s body, then inject them in the target area. The unique non-specialized cells transform into the type of cells necessary for healing.


The ligaments in the shoulder plays a large role in keeping the complex shoulder joint together to allow individuals to experience full range of movement. Glenohumeral ligament sprains can cause the shoulder to dislocate. Chronic spraining can be treated surgically, but with new stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures, treatment can help strengthen the ligament, all while being less invasive and more effective.


Subacromial Bursitis occurs when the small fluid sac, called bursa, between the rotator cuff and the acromion of the shoulder becomes inflamed. The subacromial bursa helps the motion of the rotator cuff in activities such as overhead work. Bursitis often develops secondary to injury, impingement, overuse of the muscle, or calcium deposits.


The acromioclavicular joint in the shoulder can become degenerative over time. The wear and tear of the joint over time everyday activities.


Depending on how long the symptoms of shoulder pain have lasted, the pain maybe classified as acute or chronic. Chronic shoulder pain can be classified as pain lasting more than 6 months. The cause of acute or chronic shoulder pain can be fractures, instability, inflamed tendons/ligaments, and bursitis.

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